Steering bushing and wiring day. I may be drunk before noon.

2 hours ago

Vette butt

21 hours ago

Progress on @e46addict wrecked Z06. The 240 steering bushing replacement is next. (at GM House of Horrors)

22 hours ago

Throwback Tuesday. Donor 07 NISMO 350Z rollover. I completely disassembled this car and shoved it in my 240.

1 day ago

Five hours into this 24 hour shift, looking for a movie and hoping to watch “No Country for Old Men”. This is the best I can find.

1 day ago

I can trust the tach and the water temp. All the other crap is LIES! Fixing this Xmas tree ASAP. Fuel level sensor getting wired up and speedo is getting a GPS-based signal for accuracy regardless of wheel setup.

2 days ago

Four years of beating on this and it finally died. $310 for a new motherboard and battery, or trade it in for a new machine?

2 days ago

Now I’m backseat driving for @solsticex

1 week ago

Gator X’ing

3 weeks ago

"I will not go quietly into the night…"

Happy Independence Day

3 weeks ago